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Capital Keys, LLC was created in 2019 with the idea in mind that our generation needed a twist on our perspective about real estate. People think that real estate is for older people or for someone who has a background in this or whatever the reason may be. However that is not the case, real estate is for EVERYONE.

Real estate is one of the few industries where you can literally do anything. There are ways to be apart of real state without having a real estate license. For example you can become an appraiser, property manager, leasing consultant, real estate attorney or loan officer and more (there will be a future post in more detail). If real estate is your passion now is the time to Do More and Earn More.

This blog will be dedicated to sharing helpful tips for future/current homeowners, investors, property mangers and more. We will share our projects as well so that our readers can get an idea of what really happens in real estate investing. We are here to be a resource in any real estate transaction.

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Warmest Welcomes!

-Capital Keys, LLC

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