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Top Areas For First Time Home Buyers in Georgia

When making the decision to buy a home the first question is usually where?

What area? What state? What community features are important to me?

I had this same question a few years back and took my time to decide what area would fit my needs best. I have always been a suburban girl and decided to settle on Decatur (where it's greater!). I have lived here for almost four years and I could not love it more! If you are just starting your search or already have some idea I am here to guide you a bit from what I've learned living in the great state of Georgia.

West End: This area is up and coming! It is close to the Beltline and the MARTA. You can find cute bungalows or large Victorian home in this area. This area also has a lot of walkablitly which is great for people who love walking or biking.

Decatur: This city has so much to offer for homeowners it is one of the top areas in the state. The prices of homes are still great for first time buyers. Downtown Decatur has a lot to offer for its residents with free events weekly and the Decatur Farmers Market. You get the closeness to the city without the long travel of living outside of the perimeter.

East Point: This area has seen so much growth in the last few years! There is tons of diversity in this area as well as many parks. It is also an area that is close to the airport for those who travel a lot for work or have jobs there.

Smyrna: This area is very popular with young professional and families. There are a lot of home options from smaller condos to huge family homes with a lot of land. With the new stadium and great schools close by this area is not one to miss.

Chamblee: This area is voted top 10 areas in DeKalb county. It has great diversity and a nice nightlife. The area is close to I-85 and the MARTA. My favorite area is Buford Highway which has great cultural dining options.

Peachtree Corners: This area is safe and very family oriented community! Beautiful homes, awesome schools, walking trails and The Forum on Peachtree Parkway. I love that the area has many great stores for shopping and restaurants.

Making the right choice on location for your home is important! You want to feel confident in your investment and know you have made the right choice. When looking for the right area it will take research, a good agent and driving around the area of course. I hope this guide shines some light on some of my favorite areas for new home buyers.

Check out the info graphic bellow for a quick summary of this post, happy hunting :)

-Capital Keys, LLC

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Chelsea Barnett
Chelsea Barnett
14 de mai. de 2020

Way to highlight the unique differences, this is so helpful!

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