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Real Estate Careers for Everyone

One of my favorite parts of real estate is the vast selection of opportunities that it offers. You can be in real estate on the buying, selling, managing or even legal side. If one thing is not for you there are many different paths to take to be a part of real estate! I am sure we all know of the common buyers agent and listing agent but I am going to share seven more possible opportunities with you.

As a normal agent there are two types the listing agent and the buyers agent. The listing agent represents the seller and lists their home for sale on varies sites. The buyers agent represents the buyer during a transaction. The buyers agent works on behalf of their client to negotiate the best deal possible.

After you have had your license for a certain number of years (check with your local real estate commission) you can apply to be a Real Estate Broker. As a real estate broker your duties are different than that of a normal agent. A broker has taken further education and is qualified to manage an office with multiple agents. A broker also holds the insurance and liability for their agents.

As a commercial agent you help business choose and secure locations that will help a their business grow. This could mean leasing an office space, finding land for a chain restaurant or scoping out the next location for a shopping center. Commercial agents must work hard to uncover great deals and be knowledgeable of the commercial industry and trends.

During a real estate transaction the bank will use a residential appraiser to help them asses the value of the property to secure the loan on the home. As a residential appraiser you will gather information for a property and give a recommendation on the properties worth. As an appraiser you will be required to get licensed and take classes as well.

When it comes to rental properties having a property manager is very important to running a seamless operation. As a property manager you will either be responsible for a residential or a commercial property. The goal is to make sure that the owner is happy receiving their money and that the tenants have open communication. You will wear many different hats in this roll such as a leasing agent and possibly a repair person.

As a leasing consultant your job is to make sure that there are tenants in the buildings. You might be told to work on evenings and weekends but you will have good flexibility in your schedule. This job is great for someone who likes marketing and negotiations.

There are times when a homeowner can not make payments on their home and a foreclosure specialist is necessary. As a specialist you may be employed by a bank or a private lender, and you will be responsible for all the documentation and processes that are required for foreclosure. As a specialist you must make sure you are organized and are great with deadlines.

For every real estate transaction a real estate attorney is necessary to ensure that the home/ land/ building being purchased has clear title. Choosing to be a real estate attorney is great for someone who loves school and wants to continue their education beyond real estate. As an attorney you will practice in many different areas. You might advocate for tenant rights or provide consult before a large purchase.

The real estate industry is really for everyone, I hope that this post sheds some light on what it can offer to you.

Check out the info graphic bellow for a quick summary of this post, happy hunting :)

-Capital Keys, LLC

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